At Flagship Diversified Investments we strive to provide outstanding services and advise to all of our clients.  This is our Commitment to you.


Quality Investments

  • Research and recommend the best quality investments that suit each individual client based on their risk tolerance, time frame, and financial goal and objective.

Be a Steward of Your Investments

  • Review each client account and each investment on a regular basis (in most cases monthly), in order to keep a watch on these investments and their effect on your financial goal.  Catch potential problems/issues/risks before it’s too late.


  • Regular quarterly update calls to each client to keep you the client informed on the performance of your investments towards your financial goal, and current market conditions
  • Annual face-to-face reviews.  Review your investments and the progress towards your financial goal.
  • Return of all phone calls and other communications (email) within 24 hours (M-F normal business hours)​

Provide Quality Financial Advice

  • Create documented financial plans for retirement, education savings, other financial goals.
  • Provide answers to changes in regulation and new laws
  • Provide advice and assistance on Estate Planning, Tax Smart Investing, Insurance needs
  • Review and guidance on other financial products clients might own outside of Flagship Diversified Investments, i.e. 401k’s, pensions, life insurance, annuities


"Navigating your financial future"